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Westwind's Can Do Cato**

Wendy and Cato


 01-22-00 to 04-12-02

Sire - Dual CH AFC Westwind's Rudy of Nordais

Dam - Blackburn's Deepwater Kipper MH***
It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Cato. He was a great dog and much loved by his family. He was the high point Chesapeake derby dog for 2001, with 8 derby points, including a win at the 2001 ACC National Field Specialty. He was the 2001 winner of the FC/AFC Meg's Pattie O'Rourke Trophy and the FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Chesdel Chippewa Chief Trophy. He was an exciting dog to watch in the field and it was an honor to work at his side.
 Cato was first examined by a neurologist at a referral clinic for a medical work up and a cat scan after a head injury. The cat scan showed a lesion, a pocket of fluid on the left side of the brain. The neurologist's advice was to continue Cato's career, as the lesion was most likely due to the head injury, although it could possibly be a slow growing brain tumor. Cato continued his field work this winter in Texas, and got a JAM in the first all-breed qualifying trial he ran in in March. However, upon return to Maine in April, he became disoriented and confused, and his condition rapidly deteriorated. On April 12, the painful decision was made to put him to sleep.
cato sitting 


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Sammie's Qualifying win makes her qualified all-age at 29 months.

Molly's Qualifying win makes her qualified all-age at 28 months.

RJAM at Colonial trial in CT, May 3rd, 2014


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