Westwind Farm Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Westwind's Call of the Wild QA2 - "Annie"

(Annie is the second from the left.)
DOB: 7/26/16
AKC# SR94802506
DM clear
EIC clear
Hips: OFA # CB-11641G25F-VPI
Eyes: CB-EYE1233/26F-VPI
PRA-A1 (by parentage) 
Sire: Dual CH AFC Westwind's Rudy of Nordais
Dam: Westwind's Pied Piper
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Wendy with Annie at four months old.

"Annie" is the newest addition to our family. She is a high energy pup who loves people and loves to retrieve. She can be on the wild side but we are channeling her energy into the retrieving game. Stay tuned!
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Annie has a ton of drive and loves the field work. She is in Florida for winter training and will be running derbies this spring.
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Annie got a JAM in the derby at the 2017 Fall Tallokas trial

Photo credit: Doreen Palmer
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5/4/18 Md Retriever Club Derby JAM

5/22/18 Central NY Derby RJ

6/1/18 MRTC Derby JAM

Qualifying JAM at Women's Trial, 10/18

Qualifying 3rd at Tallokas Trial, 12/18

Photo credit: Doreen Palmer
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Annie at the Lardy/Farmer field seminar in Boston Georgia , March, 2019.

Wendy and Annie, with Danny Farmer and Mike Lardy standing behind.

Annie ran very well despite my mistakes! With the help of Mike's coaching, we made the cut to run with the big dogs in the last series.

Annie then went on to get a 2nd at the Qualifying at Women's trial 3/30-3/31 in Florida with Patti Roberts at the helm.

Annie got a 4th in the Qualifying at the South Jersey trial on April 13, 2019.

She got an Amateur JAM on May 3 at Colonial's trial in CT.

She got a Qualifying 3rd at Westchester on May 10 in NJ.
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From left to right:

Pat Burns, Wendy, Danny Farmer and Mike Lardy with Annie.
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Mike Lardy, Wendy and Annie
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Annie wins a 41-dog Qualifying at Tallokas Retriever Club, Georgia on 3/13/21!