Westwind Farm Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Westwind’s Greatest Antille - Tilly

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Born 10/20/2021

OFA: GOOD #CB-12999G24F-C-PI
Elbows: NORMAL #CB-EL4671F24-C-PI
PRA/DM/EIC: CLEAR by parentage

SIRE: FC Topsail's Good Time Buddy
DAM: Westwind's Call of the Wild - "Annie"

Our next young competitor...Looking forward to working with her in the field!

Tilly's Pedigree

2024 Placements

Q 1st
at Madison Retriever Club on 5/3 handled by Dave Ward
Q JAM at North Alabama on 4/12 handled by Dave Ward

2023 Placements

HIGH point derby chessie in the country with 8 derby points in 2023!

Derby 3rd with Dave Ward handling at the Chippewa Valley Retriever Club in Deer Park, WI on 7/22/23.
Derby JAM with Dave Ward handling at the Madison Retriever Club in Stoughton, WI on 8/4/23.
Derby 2nd at Blackhawk Retriever Club, WI with Dave Ward handling 8/25/23.
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Derby 2nd at the ACC Field Specialty in Stoughton, WI, September, 19, 2023